About The Team

What is Code Racer?

Code Racer is a multi-player live coding game that teaches newbies how to code a basic website using HTML and CSS, and tests intermediate and advanced users on their coding speed and agility. Players race against each other and the clock to complete coding challenges, unlocking weapons and rewards along the way.

Even if someone has zero experience with building websites, they'll be able to watch a video tutorial and complete the code challenges that will give them the basic skills to launch a web site.

How does Code Racer work?

The backend to the game uses Facebook Connect, Node, CoffeeScript, Socket.io and Spine. The frontend uses HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Who built this and why?

Code Racer was built by the team behind Treehouse, where we teach web design and development to everyone in the world who wants to learn.

Every year we have "Idea Week," where we focus solely on designing and developing a project. This year, we chose to develop Code Racer when we realized there was no other live coding game on the web. It's a fun spin-off for the members of Treehouse to practice their skills and have fun as they learn to code through our online courses.

Day One:

Want to learn how to make apps like this?

We're not only web professionals — we're teachers, too! Our team teaches web design, web development and iOS over at Treehouse, an online training facility for web designers and developers. Whether you're just getting started or want to stay on the cutting edge, our video library contains hundreds of high quality tutorials to teach you everything you need to know.